FOSS CLUB @CEK is a community of passionate students and faculties, who have come together for the cause of
promoting and contributing to Free and Open Source Software, while achieving excellence in the field of technology in their pursuit of knowledge.

The main objective is to To expose students to FOSS environment and introduce them to use open source packages in open source platform.

The FOSS club is supported by ICFOSS, Kerala.ICFOSS today carries out a number of FOSS-related activities in a model that brings together Academia, Industry, Government and the FOSS Community.

Activities of ICFOSS presently includes

R & D

Support to FOSS software development

FOSS Pilot Programs

Technology assistance to Government programs and institutions

Local Language computing; Student FOSS activities; Internet Governance

Studies on FOSS

Exploring FOSS Certification and

Capacity Building of students to enter the FOSS Community.


Dr.Binu V P - 9847390760

Shibu V       - 9388637788